What I wish I was wearing 1-1

I adore stripes, it is a pattern that remains a staple in my closet and it seems to be a classic among high street fashion, being released season after season. I love the detailing at the back of this Witchery top, it’s so unexpected, but truly does elevate what would normally be a plain old stripe top. There is definitely a lot of different ways you could style this top, but today I’m pairing it with classic moto slim leg pants, black boots, a patterned scarf, grey bucket leather bag, then add the little details and accessorise with a rose gold watch and cute drop earrings.


<<1>> top <<2>> pants <<3>> earrings <<4>> scarf <<5>> watch <<6>>bag <<7>>boots

Let me know how many stripe tops you own and how you style them.

Lisa Shearer


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